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Water conditioning

Water, as we all know, is essential for life and as the demand for water has been growing along with technological and social development, nowadays it is difficult to imagine normal functioning without various technical solutions thanks to which we can be sure that we use water which is safe and adapted to specific needs (both in households, enterprises and public institutions).

The necessary condition for proper use of water is its treatment. As a company active on the water technology market for more than twenty years, we can provide our customers with the best methods of adjusting water parameters to their needs.

This would not be possible without modern apparatus, but also without safe and more effective chemicals which cope with various tasks – including: water treatment in various systems (e.g. cooling water in open circulation systems, semi-open and closed cooling systems), swimming pool water treatment, drinking water treatment, counteracting corrosion processes, water stabilization and clarification.

Modern chemistry can also effectively remove sediments which reduce the efficiency of water systems, especially when there is any negligence in this respect (e.g. equipment and installations are operated for too long without proper water treatment).

It is worth taking care that such problems do not occur. However, if it is necessary to clean water systems, Granimex products will certainly deal with all the sediments, impurities and scale removal.

If you decide to cooperate with us, you can count on us not only to carry out water and system cleaning works, but also to make sure that they are effective – this is possible thanks to the tests carried out by our specialists (sediment composition, water flow, installation materials, etc.).

On the basis of these procedures, further tasks related to professional water treatment and stabilization can be carried out. In this way, our company not only eliminates various types of contamination (e.g. mechanical or organic), but also improves the system’s operation to prevent the reduction of proper water parameters or water flow dynamics. The agents we use also prevent corrosion.

Special attention should be paid to chemical agents, thanks to which it is possible to ensure safe use of drinking water and swimming pool water. The measures we take comply with all very detailed European and national standards.

We must remember that the most important task in the treatment of drinking water is to optimize its safety, concerning not only its use (when the water becomes a final “product,” going directly to the consumer).

The safety of this resource is in fact a “result” of the actions previously taken to purify and disinfect the water and then “transfer” it to the transport installations.

For this purpose, we use agents designed to prevent the formation and deposition of scale, corrosion of pipes and, above all, effectively eliminate dangerous bacteria such as Legionella (in this case, the best solution is chlorine dioxide, which is non-toxic to humans and animals and also has the advantage of not generating organochlorine by-products (THX, POX)).

When conditioning drinking water, it is also advisable to use high quality water hardness stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors – we recommend, among others, preparations based on sodium polyphosphates, which are characterized by stabilizing properties as well as dispersion and masking properties. They are also characterized by high solubility. These formulations perfectly deal not only with cold, but also hot water.

Granimex provides comprehensive services in the field of water treatment and conditioning, and therefore we also offer many effective and proven solutions for efficient use of various types of cooling systems.

Among others, we have the best quality products for conditioning corrosive cooling water in open circuit systems. They ensure stable operation of companies in many industries, especially in the chemical sector.

A greater challenge is the maintenance of semi-open and closed cooling systems. The main problem here is corrosion, which is more frequent (than in other systems). In order to prevent corrosion processes, we use the best corrosion inhibitors available on the market, which are effective even for systems made of various materials. In particular, we offer surface active agents with dispersing (grinding) properties.

We must remember that cooling circuits are also challenged by various types of bacteria, fungi and even algae. In this case, we recommend effective isothiazolinones, which have universal effect on all three types of dangerous contaminants. They penetrate directly into the structure of such sediments and then block the ability of microorganisms forming them to grow. The biocides we use also turn out to be very effective in eliminating this type of organic contamination.

In our catalog of anti-corrosion products you will also find preparations that support the efficiency of steam boilers. The agents offered by us are organic materials that do not allow unfavorable corrosion processes to develop by creating a natural protective layer on metal.