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Controllers for desalination of water in cooling and boiler circuits

For efficient operation of cooling and boiler circuits it is necessary, among others, to provide an appropriate desalination system – currently automatic desalination systems for cooling and boiler water are installed for this purpose, based largely on modern and efficient controllers.

Desalination is necessary, because if this is neglected it can lead to excessive salt deposits in the circulating (cooling) water – harmful for various types of equipment (including controllers) and conditions suitable for corrosion development – which should definitely be avoided!

For prevention, it is necessary to balance the state of circulating water (by increasing the share of water with a low degree of mineralization and dropping water exhibiting excessive salinity). If we do not want to allow any negligence in this area, the use of devices ensuring constant control of water salinity is necessary.

Such a role is played by, among others, controllers (cooperating with other devices, including meters). The market currently offers many attractive technical solutions – thanks to this we can, for example, choose control units with different meters, measuring chambers, or valves (including electromagnetic and ball valves).

The demand for this type of service is so high that companies offer increasingly better technical solutions – thanks to which the operation of controllers is more precise and effective.

Among others, drivers with the function of data download via USB enjoy great interest. This seemingly simple solution is the key to offering services at the highest level, based on detailed measurements and control in the application of chemicals necessary for water treatment and optimizing the efficiency of various (related to the treatment process) devices.

Less salt means, among others, less susceptibility to corrosion, scaling, or the multiplication of dangerous microorganisms.

Modern controllers allow the user to efficiently manage the system – e.g. determine the time of opening valves, activation of pumps, the current state of conductivity, etc. In this way, registers are automatically created, detailing all data related to the functioning of water treatment systems.

Such controllers are suitable for both tap water and industrial water treatment. The devices offered by Granimex hold all the necessary certificates.

The controllers ensure maximum safety of conducted processes (they have built-in safety functions – programmed limits, automatic interlocks, alarm systems). The efficiency of their operation is also determined by high-class sensors.

sterowniki do odsalania wód

Modern desalination controllers for cooling and boiler water circuits (regardless of which model you choose) ensure the optimum level of safety and efficiency of water treatment in boilers or cooling towers.

They are versatile, allow very easy configuration (simple programming, multi-language support). They are distinguished by considerable design flexibility – the controllers are equipped with universal inputs, thus they can successfully operate with many types of sensors.

Both switching on and off, measuring, controlling, dosing (in different time modes – e.g. weekly, monthly) and releasing, are carried out thanks to programming systems, which can be easily updated, according to the mode of activity required for the controller.

Thanks to such a design, it is possible for the controllers to operate effectively while managing multiple functions that determine the correct state of water in different circuits.