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Replacing filtration beds

When properly selected and monitored during operation, filter beds should not cause any problems, however, insufficient (not regular) control of their condition may have a negative impact on the system they are fitted in.

It is crucial to select the right filter bed for specific technical conditions. We offer professional advice and assistance at all stages of a project - from selection of the bed, through its inspection, to its replacement.

Regardless of filtration material used as an active bed, e.g. coal, dolomite, quartz sand, anthracite or natural zeolites, Granimex offers comprehensive services concerning professional bed operation and bed replacement.

We provide maintenance to filter beds intended for various types of water (including ground water or swimming pool water). We offer our products and services to individual customers, corporate customers and public institutions.

To keep the bed active and effective for a long time, regular monitoring is necessary together with bed regeneration. If major negligence occurs, or if the deterioration of the bed is caused by incorrect choice of material for this particular system (filtering device), it will be necessary to replace the bed.

Each filter bed is also subject to depletion due to its normal functioning. The speed of this process depends on the type of the bed, its height as well as the conditions developed by the water and its physico-chemical composition, impurities etc.

Before a decision on regeneration or replacement of the filter bed is made, a reliable assessment of the condition of the bed must be carried out. Our fully qualified team of technicians will conduct a detailed analysis and then carry out all necessary works (removing old bed material from the filters, supplying new material, filling filters with new bed material, smoothing off the layers of new bed, replenishing if required, disinfection).

We work in accordance with the highest industry standards, using the latest technology so that the entire complex bed replacement process is carried out quickly and efficiently.

To avoid frequent replacement of the filter bed, it is important to follow a few simple yet effective recommendations, and if possible, make it your routine.

The most common mistake when dealing with various filters (especially - pressure filters) is failure to check the condition of the filter bed. Since it can be a challenge to reach them, sometimes they are only inspected when problems are already tangible. Then, significant deterioration of the filter bed or large bed losses are obvious.

One of the best ways to conduct an effective deposit inspection is to examine all of its layers. It can be done with the use of special samplers and probes.

The filter bed must be examined at least once a year to evaluate its overall condition and take early steps to increase the effectiveness of processes (such as back washing) that are crucial for the quality of the bed material.