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Selcoperm electrolyzer

Disinfection with chlorine has been proven for decades, proving safe and effective with the right procedures, but it is also evolving. Currently three methods are used for chlorination of water, based on: chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite solution and electrolytic production of chlorine. This method is currently the most recommended.

The Selcoperm electrolytic chlorine generation system consists of the following components: electrolyzer, degassing column, brine dosing pump and fan with air flow meter and water softener unit.

The system can be enhanced with additional modules. The most important advantage of this system, from customer’s point of view, is its easy assembly.

We offer the best systems on the market produced by Grundfos.


Elektrolizer Selcoperm

The Selcoperm electrolyzer produces chlorine from a saline solution by using electric current. The method is extremely effective due to the reaction between chlorine and sodium hydroxide, resulting in a hypochlorite solution. The solution retains its properties for several months, thus it is ideal for storage in a buffer tank.

In order to use it, it is enough to introduce the solution into the water, without the need to change the current pH value, which is often necessary when using other disinfection methods. The result of the entire process described above is the creation of a highly effective disinfectant – hypochlorous acid.

It is important not only to maintain a high level of safety during the above-mentioned reactions, but also to ensure the cost-effectiveness of this type of solution.

The main advantages of using Selcoperm electrolyzers:

  • chlorine generation safety,
  • reliability,
  • reduction of potentially harmful substances (disinfection is based on common salt),
  • turnkey system, easy to install and ready to use,
  • wide range of applications,
  • low operating costs,
  • reduced susceptibility of the installation to sedimentation,
  • durability of system components.

Selcoperm electrolyzers are suitable for the treatment of drinking water, swimming pool water and water required for various industrial processes.

The Selcoperm electrolysis method complies with current water quality regulations, and must be certified in order to carry out disinfection processes using electrolyzers.