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Corrosion inhibitors

In our offer you will find specialist agents thanks to which you will not have to struggle with a serious problem, which is corrosion. We have a package of many products suitable for various installations – both open, semi-open and closed systems.

Customers are very interested in multifunctional agents, thanks to which it is possible not only to counteract corrosion, but also to take care of proper water hardness and adjust various water parameters, which influence efficiency of water treatment process and final water quality.

Companies operating mainly in the chemical industry sector are the main customers for preparations used for conditioning of corrosive cooling water suitable for open circuit systems. We offer corrosion inhibitors based on e.g. phosphonocarboxylates.

All agents that you will find in our assortment are chemically safe, they also ensure stabilization of various factors (including thermal) that may affect the quality of corrosion protection.

Using this type of preparations, you can confidently operate various installation components made of metal. It is sufficiently protected by a corrosion inhibitor.

The composition of chemical agents protecting circuits against corrosive processes is not enough to prevent their formation. It is also necessary to remember about proper technique of dosing preparations and use of appropriate dosing devices (which must also be made of materials showing resistance to corrosion).

While corrosion in open systems is not that common, it can be more of a problem in semi-open and closed cooling systems. The corrosion risk is even greater when different materials are used in such systems.

In this case, it is necessary to use stronger and more “targeted” agents that will be able to deal with corrosion – the effectiveness of these agents is determined by specialized dispersing ingredients.

Thanks to their application a protective layer against corrosion forms on the device walls and deposits have practically no chance. Metal parts are optimally protected and, last but not least, for a long time.

You are not sure what agents to use in order not to expose your equipment to corrosion? Contact us – we will make the necessary analyses and adapt the appropriate measures to your investment.