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Pumps for heating

When considering the most efficient pumps for heating, we must first consider the efficiency of the entire heating system. A smart system is one that generates the highest desired heating values at the lowest possible cost.

To build such a system, it is necessary to know the characteristics of various system components – such as radiators, or underfloor heating and other heat emission technologies.

It is not possible to design an optimum system without knowing the conditions which make the central equipment operate more efficiently.

Granimex offers professional services in designing systems using the best technologies offered by Grundfos Company. Frequency converters and control systems are particularly important in our projects as they enable us to achieve the best parameters depending on the features of each investment.

The right system design ensures technical and economic efficiency not only in the present but also for the future. In a word – detailed and good planning in the design phase of the heating system means its longevity and savings, even for many years.

We use particularly efficient Grundfos speed-controlled pumps in our heating systems. They not only make the system operate efficiently, but are also comfortable to use – they don’t make a lot of noise.

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Pumps of this type are controlled by variables such as temperature, flow and pressure. Thus, the operation of pumps for heating can be cost-optimized.

Comprehensive approach in terms of heating systems allows to maximally increase their efficiency, and thus – to increase the economic operation of buildings in which they are installed.

A prerequisite for success, i.e. creation of the best heating system for a specific customer, is a thorough analysis of the conditions and needs of a given investment. That is why Granimex offers professional consultations to all interested investors.