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Pressure booster pumps

Granimex offers the most advanced pumps and pump systems in cooperation with the market leader Grundfos Company. The catalog of available Grundfos products includes pressure booster pumps.
Within this range we offer: control and communication elements, auxiliary equipment, ready-to-start up systems – turnkey, high-quality system products (with high corrosion resistance) and a maximum level of hygiene.

Booster systems (such as the Hydro MPC) are both easy to use and extremely efficient. It is connected to a computer via the network bus, which makes it possible to monitor the entire booster system remotely (also to control the system). Thanks to this possibility we are able to optimize the functionality of this system. It is fully compatible with all major communication systems.

The Grundfos booster units have a reputation as one of the most modern for a good reason – their popularity is mainly due to their software’s universality. The user can take advantage of many functions that facilitate the direct use of booster pumps. These include a proportional pressure function, which is particularly important for the proper operation of large pipeline networks. It is also possible to use a soft pressure build-up function (essential for installations with unstable supplies).

Pompy do podnoszenia ciśnienia

Grundfos booster systems are of very high quality – not only the latest global technology on which the systems are based, but also other qualities such as low noise levels during operation and the condition of sets “released” from the production lines.

Customers value the complete readiness of Grundfos booster systems – there is no need to do any work to adapt the system to individual investment conditions. The system is ready to use as soon as it is connected to electricity and water.

Grundfos booster systems are designed with hygiene in mind – for example, the collectors are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The shape of these units (without unnecessary edges and gaps) ensures maximum corrosion protection and provides the best possible hygienic conditions for the pumps.