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Grundfos DDA, DDC, DDE dosing pumps

Our Grundfos dosing pumps are versatile – modern dosing solutions that are equally suitable for industrial, construction and municipal applications. They ensure that all types of water – from drinking water to water treated for various industrial processes – is properly treated.

We draw your attention especially to innovative dosing pumps (including – in Digital Dosing™ technology) ensuring high efficiency of the dosing process. What also distinguishes them is their ease of use, very good performance and wide range of applications. The design of Digital Dosing pumps is also of great importance (especially the head design allowing for optimal dosing of various chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite).

The dosing process carried out by these highly functional pumps is additionally supported by innovative solutions such as FlowControl and FlowMonitor technology, AutoFlowAdapt and AutoCal – automating and optimizing the pump operation.

The correct dosing is ensured by appropriate equipment – including automatically operating controllers – thanks to which it is possible to select the correct values of applied chemicals, such as chlorine dioxide or chlorine, but also to carry out successful pH adjustment, etc.

Pumping rate, maximum dosing efficiency, wide range of applications, easiness in installation and operation – these are the advantages you can count on when choosing Grundfos Digital Dosing™ diaphragm dosing pumps.

Pompy dozujące Grundfos DDA, DDC, DDE

The secret of success was the use of the above-mentioned stepper motor, which gently regulates the length and frequency of discharge stroke, which also contributes to optimum dosing accuracy – the stepper motor allows the stroke speed to be adjusted while making 100% use of its length – there is no better way to ensure optimum dosing values.

The stepper motor allows digital dosing pumps to achieve exceptional performance – this is particularly evident when compared to the performance of conventional pumps. Modern pumps are not only easier to operate, they are also much more versatile. For example, the SMART Digital series is easy to install and service (e.g. by using a snap-in mounting plate). These pumps are very easy to disassemble and replace. These pumps include: DDA, DDC and DDE.

All are easy to operate, control and service. These operations are highly automated – further simplifications include a display showing the current pump settings, rotary dial with a functional button, as well as multi-language menu display. The user is informed of the current status of pump by a traffic light.

The aforementioned Flow Control systems additionally improve control of the dosing process – there is no question of e.g. lower than pre-set flow dynamics or stopping dosing – Flow Control functions not only identify the problem immediately, but also display the appropriate message. The SMART pumps not only measure and report the actual flow and ensure the correct dosing process (AutoFlowAdapt) but also compensate for any pressure differences by adjusting the pump dynamics to ensure a constant flow. (AutoFlowAdapt-AutoCal).

Currently, DDA, DDC and DDE dosing systems are the most popular.

  • DDA is an ideal solution for high-tech installations – mainly due to its outstanding performance and application versatility. DDA not only provides integrated flow measurement, but also the previously described streamlined and optimized dosing functions and intelligent performance control – this is possible with FlowControl and AutoFlowAdapt. DDA pumps can be controlled on a manual level, by analog and by a pulse system. The dosing efficiency of DDA system is further improved by the venting function (during pump standstill).
  • DDC – an efficient and economical solution at the same time. The use of the intelligent DDC system offers very good dosing performance, the possibility of manual, impulse and analogue control, various SlowMode operation modes, in addition – calibration mode or tank level control, message display and many automatic functions, thanks to which the system operates correctly and all irregularities can be detected and eliminated in real time.
  • DDE is the cheapest solution of intelligent dosing systems, which does not mean less effective. It allows to control the dosing process by means of digital technology. The user can control the pump either manually or via a pulse system. This model of intelligent pump is equipped, among others, with a “stop” and control function in the tank range.

If you are looking for an efficient, safe and ergonomic dosing process – whether you want to disinfect, chemically treat, optimize pH, use reverse osmosis and other water treatment processes – rely on intelligent dosing pumps.