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Cooling and air-conditioning towers

Water supplied to cooling and air conditioning circuits must be properly treated. Its quality is of key importance. If this aspect is neglected, the system becomes inefficient and more prone to failure, which in turn causes increased water and energy consumption, and this means a substantial financial loss. It is not worth the risk!

For over twenty years Granimex has been delivering professional water treatment products, e.g. for increasingly popular cooling towers and air conditioning towers. Growing interest in cooling towers and air conditioning towers is a resultant of the dynamics of the economic development, and consequently, rapidly rising demand of many companies and institutions for such technologies.

We provide access to the latest technologies, compliant with all Polish and international standards.

We do all the necessary measurements as the basis for the projects we design and implement. We provide preventative and emergency maintenance, including repairs.

In order to have fewer service calls and minimum downtime, the best solution is reasonable use of cooling systems or air conditioning systems and taking care of the condition of that equipment, which is directly related to the chemical and microbiological state of water.

It is therefore necessary to use certain processes, not only demineralization (reverse osmosis is particularly recommended) but also other treatments aimed at conditioning water and reducing its hardness through technologies enhancing water softening.

Properly demineralized and softened water will not cause any problems with the materials it works with in the cooling and air conditioning towers. It is important to keep these factors in mind to prevent biological film from building on the walls of the equipment, which (together with other contaminants) leads to reduction in efficiency, of cooling towers in particular.

If water used e.g. in open cooling circuits has poor properties, it can cause damage to various system elements and hence problems with cooling. The parameters for water in the cooling circuit are precisely defined, e.g. by VDI 3803 standard. One way to prevent reduction in the quality of water circulating in a cooling tower is using biocides.

This is the most effective treatment, which should be done occasionally to help water maintain correct properties, because e.g. water that is colourless indicates that no malfunctions occur during the operation of the system.

Another problem is the risk of scale formation and the occurrence of corrosive processes in the systems. Different agents are used to prevent this processes, including corrosion inhibitors, whose main role is to respond quickly to even the smallest defects in the walls of the equipment. Such relatively small flaws can very easily give way to corrosion spreading, so the problem is very serious.

Failing to follow these recommendations on time will definitely result in higher costs related to the operation of the cooling tower. Why? The dynamics of heat (cold) flow in the system will decrease, pressure losses will occur, clogged valves, pipes and various other types of assemblies will also start to fail.

 Wieże chłodnicze i klimatyzacyjne

High quality treated water is also necessary for proper functioning of air conditioning. Using such water will not adversely affect the health and comfort of people who spent time in air-conditioned rooms.

As for air conditioning, the key to success is maintaining the most comfortable air humidity level. Often, this parameter is completely neglected. What does it end with? Sore throats, runny noses, colds, eye problems... They can be avoided or significantly reduced if good quality humidifiers are used.

What are the conditions for successful operation of these devices? Good quality water, which in this case is treated primarily by reverse osmosis.

The water used in air conditioning towers must meet specific quality and safety standards, which are outlined in VDI 6022 regulations.

Cooling and air conditioning systems make our daily lives easier, which is fairly obvious. Apart from all these measures that must be taken to make these systems really effective, special priority should be given to ensuring high safety level.

In air conditioners or humidifiers various bacteria colonies can grow, including particularly dangerous species such as Legionella.

We provide measures to protect the system from the activity of harmful microorganisms and other contaminants.

When dealing with Legionella, chlorine dioxide generator that we offer proves to be very effective in disinfecting water.