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During more than twenty years of activity of our company we have gained extensive experience in the implementation of all kinds of services related to various aspects of water treatment and its subsequent safe and ergonomic operation.

Our position on the market has been built thanks to the involvement of a team of specialists and the development of appropriate (beneficial for both individual and commercial customers) solutions – at different cooperation levels (from consultations and advice, through the creation of customized projects, their implementation and service of all kinds of installations signed with the logo of Granimex and companies we represent).

When deciding to create or modernize various types of “water” installations it is worth to keep in mind not only the initial phase of project but also already finalized investment. We make our clients aware of the fact that they should operate properly (according to manufacturers’ recommendations and requirements of specific technologies) e.g. water treatment stations, swimming pools, SPA baths, pumps and pumping systems.
It is also very important to properly use chemicals thanks to which all kinds of installations may maintain the maximum level of safety for users. So-called “chemical agents,” e.g. for swimming pools, not only ensure hygiene, but their proper dosage also has a direct impact on the efficiency of systems and equipment as well as their lifetime, and thus – the running costs of installations.

More discipline in the use of different technologies and devices means concrete reduction of costs, e.g. related to repairs.

Certyfikat Grundfos Granimex

Granimex provides all its customers with top quality maintenance services. In the list of our services you can find both ongoing monitoring of our installations (which allows for optimally quick reaction in case of various problems) as well as efficient and quick repairs in case of failure.

Many years of our activity on the market allowed us to develop standards thanks to which we are able to react appropriately to any threat. Our “readiness” is determined by the technical and “human” factor – our knowledge of proven, innovative techniques and experienced specialists, directly performing service, maintenance and repair work.

We would not have achieved the high level of services offered (also in the field of maintenance) if it were not for the procedure of adjusting the conditions of service contracts to specific customers and their needs.

Serwis Granimex
Usługi serwisowe Granimex

We offer our customers flexible terms of cooperation at every stage of the project – thanks to this we are able to reach a consensus satisfactory to both parties, which is an essential condition for the implementation of service type agreements at the highest technical and organizational level.

We suggest what solutions will be the best from the customer’s point of view – you may decide on regular monitoring (fast replacement of worn out parts prolongs the operation of the whole installation or mechanism). Good condition of machines, devices and systems depends also on regular maintenance.

Thanks to cooperation with companies which are leaders in their sectors on a wide and diverse market related to water treatment, we can react quickly and carry out effective repairs, having access to the latest technology and spare parts.

Failure prevention

Remember – the best guarantee for the longevity of an installed device or system is prevention, i.e. failure prevention and the possibility of (guaranteed by us) the fastest and most efficient elimination of possible failures.

Let’s try to “anticipate” the problem – for this purpose it is worth using the technical advice offered by Granimex.

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