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Biocides, oxidants

Specialized agents for water conditioning (e.g. in cooling circuits and air purification systems) include biocides, which are very effective as eliminators of various dangerous microorganisms – including fungi, algae or bacteria (even extremely dangerous colonies of legionella).

We have a wide range of biocides and oxidizers, e.g. based on bromine compounds.

The preparations you will find in our offer are characterized by a wide and effective action in different pH ranges.

Where does the effectiveness of such preparations come from?

Above all, they block metabolism quickly. They take slightly longer but are equally effective on energy metabolism. These qualities collectively determine that biocides can provide an excellent barrier to the growth of bacterial strains that have the ability to produce a protective mucus layer, i.e. a sludge (extremely difficult to remove). It is often necessary to use a strong biocide in order to destroy such a deposit from within.

Only such effect can prove (in the long run) effective in the case when we are dealing with an environment extremely susceptible to the activity of such bacteria and, consequently, the formation of deposits that are difficult to control.

Their popularity is also a resultant of their effectiveness in e.g. improving the operation of heat exchangers – thanks to the application of such agents there are no serious problems with decreasing heat conduction dynamics (which is caused by the multiplication of deposits).

The use of biocides also increases the service life of various types of installations in which membranes play an important role – these agents do not allow the formation of clusters of bacteria and other biological deposits, thus allowing the membrane to maintain optimal permeability for longer. These chemicals also have the same effect on fungi and algae.

Finally, a word of caution: some products cannot be used for drinking or pool water.

You are not sure which biocide to use? Contact us – we will select the most effective and safe agent.