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Water treatment

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We build our brand
on these qualities.

Granimex has been successfully operating in the domestic market for over twenty years. It all started in 1990, when the Granops family, professionally involved in the water technology industry, decided to establish their own business. We would not be where we are today without the dedication of Wojciech Granops, Eng. and Prof. Marian Granops, PhD. Eng. From the very beginning we have focused on the highest quality – both in terms of the proposed technological solutions and the customer service.

We accompany our customers at every level of investment realization. We provide access to the best (including innovative) technologies, equipment and products of renowned companies. In our range of products you will find only proven and compliant with technical and environmental certificates. We are an authorized partner of the following companies: Grundfos and BWT. The company carries out projects for individual and institutional customers – we offer professional consulting, workmanship, and installation service.

Taking into account the highest quality of our services, we provide access to the best world solutions and we constantly invest, also in the knowledge of our team of professionals and advisors.

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Technologie i sprzęt

Best technology
and equipment


Proven, certified
organic products

Dla firm i osób prywatnych

Projects for private clients
and companies

Inwestujemy w wiedzę

We invest in knowledge
and team development

Granimex Poznań - specjaliści od uzdatniania wody
Profesjonaliści od uzdatniania wody

Water treatment specialists

If you are interested in our offer, you can count, among others, on specialized water testing Poznan and all kinds of services related to technologies that enable water treatment. We provide a wide range of services – our solutions are comprehensive – thanks to which we can carry out virtually any, even the most complex order.

Water treatment includes, among others: water disinfection, de-manganization, de-ironing, demineralization, water softening, but also: water recovery, precipitation, water chemical modification, dosing and measurement as well as reverse osmosis. Our services would not be fully complete if we did not also offer solutions such as: swimming pool technologies and pumping systems.


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Granimex’s offer includes:

  • sale, installation and service of equipment for water treatment, such as: chlorine dioxide generators, columns and filter beds, UV lamps, chlorinators, softeners;
  • sale of PVC pipes and other elements of water supply systems;
  • sales of salt-tablets, pool chemicals and specialty chemicals for use in water systems;
  • distribution of water filters, swimming pools and other equipment for swimming pool and spa technology;
  • installation of the oxiperm system (Oxiperm Pro), which is highly effective in disinfecting water, especially against dangerous bacteria such as legionella

Logo Granimex - znak wody

Do you want to be sure that you use the best quality water (regardless of its destination)?

We have the best solutions available, which we will optimize for your individual needs!