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Hotels, food and beverage service industry

The characteristics of water treated for hotels or food and beverage service establishments must comply with sophisticated safety and hygiene requirements. It must not pose any risk to users.

But meeting these safety requirements is not enough. In these particular industries (whose existence is basically determined by customers and their opinions), other criteria i.e. quality criteria play an important role. The better the water quality, the higher the level of services provided.

When it comes to hotels, the subject of water quality concerns: food and beverage service (hotel restaurants, bars, etc.), water supply in bathrooms, services performed by hotel laundries, etc.

What do you expect when you go out to have dinner at a restaurant or plan a nice evening at a café or a pub?

The basic issue is the possibility of using clean dishes, and since you decide to “eat out”, you believe that the establishment maintains the highest standards of customer service.

The last thing you think of is the occurrence of unidentified problems with hygienic purity of water, that serves as a basis for making the dishes, hot and cold beverages.

Another thing is the taste of various dishes, coffee or tea. This, as you know, is mainly determined by the water quality and water mineralization. Water that has been properly treated, i.e. filtered and softened, is a source of exceptional taste, but not only.

The companies that choose to invest in good quality water handling systems will not only gain customer recognition (and thus best marketing) but also savings. Better water treatment technologies and equipment mean you can use less cleaning agent and less energy, and your equipment is more reliable and less prone to failure.

Food and beverage service industry

Water plays a particularly important role in the operation of food service establishments. There, the bulk of the expenses is related to washing dishes. Today, dishwashers do the job perfectly. However, the dishwashers wear out fast and if they are handled carelessly and maintenance is neglected, their service life and performance falls drastically.

For dishwashers to work efficiently, it is necessary to ensure high water quality, which must be soft. When it comes to appliances, hard water is less efficient but above all, more harmful to the machine and system causing their rapid wear and tear.

Over time, deposits build up on the walls of dishes and containers, which eventually leads to poor dishwashing. Insufficiently clean glassware and crockery are most certainly not what customers expect from a restaurant.

The range of professional equipment that we offer effectively deals with any class of water: from very hard, hard, to medium-hard, eventually changing it to the desired soft water.

To get fully satisfying cleaning results soft water requires less detergent and less rinse aid. Good quality water is effective enough to deal with stains and spots on dishes, cutlery and glassware right in the washing process. It saves time and effort for employees who, if the dishes are not washed thoroughly, would have to deal with the very tedious work of polishing.

Our latest generation softeners prevent limescale build-up, which causes the formation of deposits (e.g. on the walls of dishwashers). It is highly recommended to use softeners from the very first days of equipment operation. This is the best way to protect the machine from failure.

Another thing is to choose the right filters that will treat the water used for culinary purposes (drinking water).

With the experience of twenty years in the water treatment industry Granimex offers professional water softeners, filters and cartridges, which are selected and adjusted to fit specific needs of each customer.

We offer an extensive range of water softening equipment, including very popular water softeners utilizing ion exchange principle (adverse calcium ions are eliminated through a process that allows their effective dissolution). The softeners that we offer are easy to install and to operate. They have very compact design and are equipped with functional regeneration systems (including automatic).

It is also worth investing in reverse osmosis water treatment systems for the food and beverage service industry (calcium and other compounds we want to eliminate are removed with membrane filtration).

We offer easy to install, use-friendly, professional devices of small size, which can be installed in all models of dishwashers.

Stacja uzdatniania - hotel


Establishments operating in the hospitality industry are rated according to the standard of services offered. A good hotel, which wants to enjoy the recognition of customers and the view of profitable operation on this demanding market must constantly strive to ensure the highest level of all kinds of services - and there are many of them and they are becoming more and more sophisticated.

What hotel would you like to stay in for a night or stay longer and relax?

Such a hotel is not only a place to sleep, but also good cuisine (in a hotel restaurant) and a place made for relaxation - that is why more and more hotels offer wellness and SPA packages.

When we add hotel laundry facilities to the picture, we realize that a venue like a hotel can't afford any major water-related failures. Water must meet the highest standards of safety and quality, otherwise such a business will not succeed or even survive.

For the guests to be satisfied with the conditions they find in the hotel, they should be provided with water of a high level of softness. Only then they will appreciate the value of baths, leisure and SPA experience, rest in delicate, fragrant linen and finally, breakfast, lunch or dinner, whose menu is based on highest quality water.

The hotels, that use quality water treatment and softening equipment are on the winning side.

Firstly, they gain satisfied customers. Secondly, the financial condition of the hotels benefits from lower operating costs (high-class equipment and proper operation means lower consumption of energy, cleaning agents, detergents, etc.). On top of that, there is an increasingly important issue of ecology.

Better water management provides immediate relief to the environment.

Tap water safety

And finally, once again, we want to draw special attention to the safety of water intended for culinary and utility purposes (water for bathing, laundry, etc.). In the food and beverage services and hospitality industry, maximum hygiene is of primary importance!

Safe water simply does not expose users to any health problems. Here, special attention should be given to the risk associated with hazardous bacteria, Legionella in particular. Luckily, if you care for your water, you do not have to be afraid of this extremely dangerous bacteria (which can cause severe pneumonia).

Legionella can get into the lungs e.g. while taking a bath. Sometimes it is found in various types of equipment, such as humidifiers and air conditioners. The bacteria occurs in warm water.

Thus, it is essential to test water for bacteria. Actually, periodic disinfection and water monitoring are absolutely necessary, but they have to be done properly and in accordance with regulations.

Granimex provides professional water disinfection, effectively eliminating Legionella. We recommend using chlorine dioxide to disinfect water as it brings better result than popularly used chlorine.

Chlorine dioxide is not only effective, but also improves the taste and smell of the water. This agent shows no toxic effects either. We offer the best chlorine dioxide generators on the market. They are compact, easy to install and very handy.

We support all customers with professional technical advice and superior service.