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Industrial water treatment

The technologies we use to treat water for the industry in an effective way are always perfectly matched to each project. There are many applications for industrial water, which also determines the choice of water treatment systems. The needs of a company operating in the pharmaceutical sector will be different from those of a chemical or food company.

At Granimex, we have top-notch technical facilities, experienced and knowledgeable staff open to the latest innovative solutions, performing various types of systems - from their design, through implementation, to servicing, maintenance and modernization of older models of water treatment plants.

We welcome customers from various industries, interested in improving and optimizing the operation of different kinds of installations, including: heating, cooling, drinking water treatment and other systems connected to the technological processes employed by the customer.

By applying processes such as: filtration (mechanical, using different beds, activated carbon etc.), disinfection, water softening, industrial reverse osmosis, demineralisation, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive service related to various aspects of water treatment for industrial purposes, as well as its effective recovery.

Demineralization through a reverse osmosis process is particularly popular (Reverse Osmosis – RO). If only the nature of a given project allows for RO treatment, then we recommend this technological process.

Reverse osmosis for industrial purposes is also extremely effective because with a relatively small amount of resources we get very good results. Once we activate the RO process (membrane demineralization), up to 90% of organic substances and almost 100% of salt is removed. The RO water treatment process eliminates all kinds of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, etc. from water.

These are the obvious advantages of this process, but there are also other. The mechanics of wastewater disposal is also convincing in the case of reverse osmosis because no special reactions for safe waste removal need to be activated. Wastewater is simply discharged directly into the sewage system.

Which industries gain from using this method of water treatment? Reverse osmosis is recommended primarily for: laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics manufacturers. RO is also suitable for the food and beverage service industry and wherever water with a relatively low concentration of various salts must be used.

At Granimex, we offer reverse osmosis plants that are easy to install and very user-friendly. Compact plants are particularly popular because of their small size. They can be successfully mounted even in seemingly insufficient and inaccessible locations. Taking up little space they are even more versatile (they can be successfully used by customers with only small space available).

RO plants are therefore suitable for both larger factories and small, family-owned businesses.

By installing the RO system the efficiency of water treatment processes increases significantly, the supply of mineral-profiled water is continuous. The monitoring system checks the status of the machine to make the operation simple, almost intuitive. The construction of this type of equipment is largely automated therefore it provides such extensive capabilities.

Reverse osmosis is a good choice as long as it produces truly demineralised water. However, it is not always possible. If the nature of business activities requires water with a very low conductivity level, then RO will not be sufficient.

For industries such as e.g. power industry, it is necessary to carry out effective water treatment with the use of chemical agents i.e. to perform demineralisation by ion exchange.

We also provide this type of industrial water treatment services - ensuring the proper dosage of chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Demineralization by the ion exchange also has its advantages - most of all, it is very simple to perform from start to finish. We offer equipment and systems that can be very easily assembled, and the demineralizing unit within the plant can be replaced i.e. its capacity can be adjusted to the current needs of the customer. If the capacity must be increased, it is worth expanding the entire system to make it more effective.

The design of ion exchange equipment is modular so that installation, reinstallation or upgrading are both fast, efficient, and not so expensive.

Not sure which industrial water treatment method to apply?

Contact Granimex – we choose the best technology for your project, select equipment, materials and deliver them directly to the site. We also assemble the system. We will support you with professional preventative maintenance and fast, reliable breakdown response.

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