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Compact pre-treatment plants for industrial applications

Wastewater pre-treatment plants that successfully deal with wastewater from various industrial sources do not have to be large in size or take up a lot of space. These are compact plants, which thanks to their design can be easily adapted to the different technical and chemical conditions of the specific industrial plant (and other entities) operated by them.

The best solutions of this type always meet high base standards. This means not only a wide range of usability, but also a well-developed technical base, which is why each compact pre-treatment plant has the necessary equipment for the wastewater treatment process.

These are among others: dosing devices (various types of chemicals), pumping systems, automatic control systems, automated electric mixing devices, reaction and flotation tanks as well as automatic management stations. It is worth mentioning the significant automation of the compact treatment plants system, which allows not only easy operation, but also significant reduction of maintenance costs of the plant and – above all – wastewater leveling.

Compact treatment plants are characterized by minimum failure rate and continuous operation, which translates into optimum efficiency of this type of industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Automation enables dosing of all kinds of required agents in the right amount according to the correct pH level, and the technology based on a proven sludge precipitation and flocculation system ensures the final success of water treatment. This process also uses the DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) flotation system that allows to intensify the industrial wastewater treatment process on the basis of mechanical and chemical effect. By introducing air bubbles into the liquid, it is possible to “pull” solid contaminant particles to the surface and then effectively collect them and thus purify them.

The compact pre-treatment plant is provided with a complete flotation unit equipped with all standard components including: recirculation pumps, water and air flow as well as pressure control devices, sludge “scraper,” automatic drain, saturation unit and pressure mixer.

Wastewater treatment plant is not only easy to install (all components are installed in a compact unit), but also easy in operation. Using this type of wastewater treatment technology is also not a financial challenge.

All these features also determine the economic efficiency of this wastewater treatment method – generated operating costs are low.