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Hospitals and other healthcare institutions are our special customers. For obvious reasons, water or rather the quality of water is a matter of great importance for day-to-day operations in these facilities. It is all the more important as our life and health depends directly on them.

Hi-tech equipment, which is used in various hospital departments, requires appropriate handling and input materials for faultless work and minor downtime. This is often determined by water.

Hospitals are, in a sense, multifunctional enterprises. On an everyday basis, we do not realize how many systems and technologies have to operate in order for these facilities to provide their services to patients.

This can be seen very clearly in the water that is treated for hospitals. In the vast majority of applications, this specific medium must meet higher quality standards than regular tap water. It is all about perfect purity parameters (both at chemical and microbiological level).

While the water used in the departments where various medical procedures are performed must be treated, i.e. properly demineralized, it is also important to ensure softened water. Water softening technology is not all about reducing hardness, it means something more - softened water is simply cleaner (no need to use much detergents or other chemicals) and the devices which are cleaned with the use of soft water work smoothly and failure-free for longer.

If the water is purified in water treatment plants that are adapted to the task, then it meets the conditions. What can be done to optimise the performance of such a plant? The equipment that the water treatment plant consists of must be matched as precisely as possible to the real conditions of the customer’s site.

At Granimex, we have been providing comprehensive services to various customers, also to hospitals, for many years. Our close cooperation starts at water analysis level, then we select best technical solutions, design and implement projects, and also provide maintenance services.

We offer both standard and tailor-made solutions meeting the unique needs of customers operating in the healthcare sector.

With a versatile range of solutions we can easily treat water for the main sterilization room as well as for many other locations such as operating rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories, workshops, etc.

Regardless of the purpose for which water will be used (whether for medical procedures or for daily hospital operations e.g. boiler water, kitchen water, laundry water) and which water treatment technology and quality level is chosen, the hygienic safety of water is always our primary concern.

It would cause a lot of problems, especially for hospitals, if any bacterial threat occurred. We ensure powerful, efficient and ecologically safe removal of Legionella (using chlorine dioxide).

By choosing Granimex, you gain access to proven and most advanced technologies that ensure safe and effective (and economical - thanks to reduced consumption of water, electricity and other utilities) overall operations of your medical facilities.

The range of solutions includes:

  • water pre-treatment
  • multipurpose water treatment (cooling water, heating water, air conditioning water, laboratory, diagnostic, instrument sterilization water, etc.)
  • filtration (mechanical - sand filtration and with the use of carbon filters eliminating harmful organic compounds, or chlorine compounds so typical for hospitals in the past)
  • water softening (ion exchange);
  • disinfection;
  • iron and manganese removal;
  • demineralisation (by reverse osmosis);
  • pure water storage;
  • and other projects, determined by conditions and objectives specific to particular projects.

We offer technologies and equipment compliant with Polish and international standards.

The services are performed by an experienced team of experts - engineers and technicians who take care of the highest quality of the project at each stage of its implementation (including upgrading of already operating water treatment systems).

Get in touch! We are looking forward to start a project with you!