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Boiler water

Regardless of the type of boiler you are using, either steam or hot water boilers, their performance and reliability largely depends on the water that should be treated beforehand. Boiler water treatment is an individually tailored process and depends on the type of boiler.

What does this mean?

First of all, compliance with the applicable standards. Water treatment technologies and equipment for steam boilers offered by Granimex are compliant with ABV and local regulations.

Following these regulations and recommendations of boiler system manufacturers not only ensures safe operation of boilers, but also helps to reduce their operating costs.

Any negligence in this field may lead to unpleasant consequences, which will adversely affect the customer's budget. The effectiveness of the system may be reduced by excessive deposits of calcium compounds (which cause unnecessary energy loss and may also cause damage to the boiler), corrosion processes and many other.

Corrosion is a highly undesirable phenomenon in all systems that utilize water. The corrosion reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of their operation, destroys the material from which the equipment is made, and these are only some of the problems it brings.

To prevent these problems, a detailed analysis of (raw) water composition should be carried out first, then the appropriate technology must be chosen so that the investment target can be reached. Finally, with such an assessment, the plant can be designed and the system built.

Granimex assists you at all stages of these works.

Woda kotłowa

We treat water for boiler systems by applying proven and reliable technologies, such as: demineralisation, softening of water, removing dissolved gases from water, desalination (it is best to use the most effective method - reverse osmosis), electro-deionisation, application of agents to control undesired chemical compounds present in water (e.g. corrosion inhibitors), etc. Proper selection of boiler water treatment processes is a necessary condition for smooth, failure-free operation, but also for more cost-effective performance of the entire system. Water and energy consumption are significantly reduced.

With less scale and no corrosion, the boiler can be maintained in perfect condition without the need for frequent desalination of particular devices within the plant, which means major reduction in the cost of chemicals applied to maintain the boiler water at the required quality level.

If you want to extend the service life of your boilers, you should implement monitoring (of water and system) and professional service.

At Granimex, each customer receives the best possible service. We offer assistance at design and construction stages but also in modernization.

We are ready to meet all your boiler needs!