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Chlorate removal

Chlorate is a derivative of chloride dioxide decomposition. Chlorine dioxide is gaining on popularity as an agent used for disinfection. It has strong bactericidal, virucidal and sporicidal properties.

Chlorates are soluble in water and have oxidizing properties. Data on the effects of chlorates on human health are not sufficient to establish a permissible concentration value. However, it is recommended to reduce the concentration of chlorates in water.

Effectiveness of chlorate removal

As a professional and innovative company with many years of experience in the field of water treatment, Granimex will provide you with the best system to remove chlorates from your water. Our solutions are fully comprehensive as this is the key condition for the highest standard of service in the water treatment industry. For the water treatment process to be successful, it must be prepared by technicians, who apart from experience, have technical know-how.

This is exactly the kind of team that our company can pride itself on, which is why we successfully gain the trust of a growing number of customers - both individual and commercial customers who operate e.g. in the hotel industry. Our work is of end-to-end kind, it is geared toward assisting each stage of water treatment process.

Why chlorate removal?

There is no life without water - it has a vast range of applications. It is a medium that allows us to function on many different levels, it is used in the agriculture, in the industry. Water treated for industrial purposes must be soft enough not to cause damage to systems, machinery and its own flow paths.

Water is used primarily for drinking. That is why it is so important to make sure that its quality is good enough for us to use it safely. It is critical to remove all viruses and bacteria from drinking water as they can pose a serious threat to a human body.

Therefore, the water that is first processed in softening and treatment systems and then flows from our taps, will have a beneficial effect on both our body and our wellbeing. It depends entirely on us how we take care of our body and health, so it is best to leave such matters to the experts - and Granimex is your expert.