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Compact wastewater treatment plants

Compact systems such as VAMED industrial wastewater treatment plants are not only easy to install, but are also multifunctional. The basic models can be extended by additional functional modules and thus can be used by investors from different industries who have specific requirements for wastewater treatment.

Similarly as other compact units, compact sewage treatment plants do not take up much space, thus they can be easily installed without major renovation works.

The VAMED wastewater treatment plant is a complex unit – thanks to its components it effectively treats wastewater on the basis of flocculation and filtration system of treated water (low pressure filtration).

Compact treatment plant provides a comprehensive operation – from treatment to the discharge of clean water. Its equipment allows optimal dosing of chemicals in various forms (powder, liquid) while maintaining the correct pH level of the liquid.

All sludge precipitated from wastewater (which takes place in the main tank) is automatically removed by a pneumatic pump into a special filter bag (this process takes place at low pressure), thanks to which there is no danger of solid elements getting into the further parts of the system. Dewatering of sludge takes place there. Purified water is directed to the final device – filter unit (based on activated carbon).

The VAMED compact wastewater treatment plant is a complete unit; all basic and necessary components for operation, which make up this functional and efficient system, are pre-assembled and delivered to site complete.

The main components of finished set include: pump system, electric mixer, dosing equipment, reaction-sedimentation tank, carbon filter and control equipment. The technology used in the production of this type of wastewater treatment plant allows for continuous operation. The main processes that take place during such planned treatment are sludge precipitation and flocculation.

Compact wastewater treatment plant is an automated system, and therefore its operation does not pose any problems. The set is equipped with highly functional and easy to manage GPS communication system and factory mounted panel for automatic management.