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Pump systems

Operating in many sectors of the water treatment market, we offer you all kinds of technological solutions, thanks to which it is possible to use water resources. One of the essential elements of each “hydrosystem” designed for the needs of individual or commercial (public) customer is the pump system.

Each time it should be optimally adapted to the investor’s needs, in order to avoid unnecessary energy losses and to ensure that the entire system meets the basic requirements of ergonomics.

Deciding to cooperate with our company you can be sure of a comprehensive service – from professional consulting, selection of appropriate technology and materials, through design, installation and finally servicing of the pump system (hydrophore set). Granimex also offers modernization services for pumps previously used by the investor.

The highest quality of service is ensured not only by our experienced team of specialists and good practices developed over the years, but also by our cooperation with one of the global market leaders, Grundfos Company. We are their service partner. What does this mean for our customers?

Easy access to the best, often innovative solutions, modern service, quick execution of orders and all kinds of repairs (thanks to the possibility of quick use of spare parts supplied by Grundfos – a company present on the markets of up to 45 countries).

In our catalog you will find various types of pumps, including: dosing pumps, deep-well pumps, multistage pumps, diaphragm pumps, submersible pumps and circulators. All are suitable for the entire water supply process.

Individual and institutional customers can also count on our professional assistance in the selection, design, installation and servicing of hydrophore sets – for stationary pumping of clean water (from wells) to tanks and also for increasing the pressure in water supply systems.

We offer sets which include: pump, hydrophore (water and air tank) and appropriate pressure transmitter. Our hydrophore sets are fully automated, which means that they operate in an optimal way thanks to the use of electrical equipment as well as control and monitoring systems.

Układy pompowe Granimex

Sets offered by Granimex are suitable for both residential and public buildings, but they are also proved in water systems typical for industrial facilities.

While executing all orders related to the pump systems and hydrophores we always bear in mind the quality – it is quite obvious – but we also pay a lot of attention to the efficiency and thus energy saving of the whole system, which has a definite impact on the expenses generated by the system. No need to convince that energy savings (e.g. by regulating the water pressure in the water supply system) means real lower operating expenses.

Regardless of the purpose of use of the pump systems (for private purposes – home and garden pumps or for commercial purposes – e.g. in industrial production or pressure boosting) it is worth choosing complete systems and comprehensive services provided by a company implementing the entire project. You can always count on such commitment from the Granimex Company!


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